We Help You Maximize Your Information Asset Value

We Provide the Tools to Maximize Your Information Assets Value

We Provide the Tools to Maximize Your Information Assets Value

We Provide the Tools to Maximize Your Information Assets ValueWe Provide the Tools to Maximize Your Information Assets ValueWe Provide the Tools to Maximize Your Information Assets Value

LOCK Audit Readiness Platform

Simplify your audit readiness and maximize operational opportunities!

Your Practical Audit Readiness Application

Users select a response that best fits their information management activity and status

LOCK takes the responses and calculates progress ratings

Users present audit readiness reports to management and external parties

LOCK, a technology solution to increase information value and decrease risk by identifying:

  • Operational gaps in compliance to information management regulations and audit
  • Opportunities to set information risk controls and establish mitigating activities
  • Maturity of the governance and program with progress metrics bench-marked to industry accepted principles, standards and guidelines*
  • Collaborate audit responses and reference documents with external partners, such as auditors and regulators



LOCK - Quick video on use


Your audit readiness tool with mitigating activities.  Scalable platform to help you manage your audits without the fluff, anywhere, anytime. 

Share your improvements and maturity status to management. Get compliant and mature at the same time!

*Industry Accepted Principles, Standards and Guidelines

EDRM Information Governance Reference Model
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 27001: 2013
ISO 27701:2019
Generally Accepted Principles of  Recordkeeping Principles
NIST 800-122
Legal Hold

LOCK Business Areas:

Business Value


Improve your overall information management performance and provide a sound basis to sustain an IG Program


LOCK helps you build your Information Asset management program with an effective and strategic infrastructure for cost containment and operational competitive advantages, specifically in establishing your information compliance and risk controls  

Privacy & Security


Establish operations and awareness activities to secure sensitive information and protect vital information assets


LOCK helps you manage your Information Assets with personally identifiable information (PII), personal healthcare information (PHI) both domestically and internationally or confidential information in a secured and compliant environment 

Information Technology


Assess and enhance IT operations to maximize information assets


LOCK helps you identify the right tools to manage your information and apply best practices to ensure your operations are transparent and effective

Records & Information Management


Apply core principles for the creation, capture and management of records and information


LOCK helps manage your Information Assets, with a consistent, systematic, and reliable manner to include compliance with legal, regulatory or operational requirements for records and information


Legal Holds


Set standards and practical operations for litigation readiness and eDiscovery 


LOCK helps you assess your Information Asset landscape, contain and preserve required legal hold Information Assets, and implement litigation collections and readiness 

LOCK - "HOW TO" instruction video

This video instruction will walk you through as a new user to:

- Register

- Add Business Areas

- Complete Assessment

- Review Checklist for compliance and maturity

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LOCK Audit Readiness Platform 


In this training and webinar, we will guide you through the LOCK platform with: 

- Setting up your account 

- Assigning other users 

- Define the 5 core information governance components 

- Determine your Information Governance maturity 

- What you need to do for compliance and set best practices